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Technical analysis has gained massive popularity over the course of last years. Utilizing human psychology as the groundwork and using charts and indicators as visual representation, technical analysis has proved to be one of the most efficient trading tools, with the pace of its popularity boosted even further with the development of fast internet and general financial market accessibility. There are several categories of technical analysis - Price indicators, Support and Resistance levels, Momentum indicators, Volume indicators, Oscillators and Statistical price movement indicators. We try to keep it short and simple here and cut off all unnecessary noise by showing you only those tools which will assist you in making profit on financial markets. Technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy and gives deep insight into crowd behavior.

 Our technical analysis courses will teach you:

How to use technical analysis and why crown psychology is a key factor in price movements?

How to achieve around 65-75% success rate in technical analysis

How to use support, resistance, and general trend analysis as a groundwork for all trading strategies?

How to use candlestick models and patters by reading information contained within each candle?

How to use “lagging” and leading indicators?

How to use moving averages?

How to configure your indicators to fit inti any market condition?

Which tools are best choices for short, medium and long-term trends?

Why you need a confluence of indicators to get a more reliable signal?

Why Fibonacci is good only for long-term?

Why technical analysis "works until it doesn't"

Why you need to remember about fundament analysis when using technical?

These and many other things you will learn through our professional courses, which you may access by simply registering on our website. Register now and get a 25% discount one-on-one educational course package with one of our best analysts.


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