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 The Japanese were the first to use technical analysis to trade one of the world's first rice futures markets in the 1600s. A Japanese man by the name of Homma who traded the futures markets in the 1700s discovered that although there was link between supply and demand of the rice, the markets were also strongly influenced by the emotions of the traders.

Today, candlesticks are considered the very basics of technical analysis, something that every trader should learn before proceeding any further. We try to keep it short and simple. Increase the trading success using Japanese candlesticks in the introductory course designed to assist in helping new trades in mastering this important concept.

With this course you will learn:


Why candlestick is the most efficient visual representation of market price movements?

How to use candlesticks efficiently?

What information is contained within each candle?

How to use various candlesticks shapes and models to your advantage?


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