The educational platform called FinAcademy was born out of the minds of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the trading and investing domains. The academy wishes to offer trading education that works well for both beginners and more experienced users. The main purpose of this team is to become responsible for the training of lots of people and get them ready for a safe and efficient trading career. It’s easier said than done! All of this requires passion and a clear understanding of everything someone needs in order for them to enjoy the experience and avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

FinAcademy offers, besides free e-books and three types of courses, some trading rooms, trading signals, and free webinars for those who want to become traders. The platform is user-friendly, fast, and was recently redesigned to help people learn and improve as much as possible. The academy’s goal is to educate hardworking people who have a passion for trading. These are some of the most interesting educational services and resources that FinAcademy offers to its students.

The FinAcademy Trading Courses

The FinAcademy trading courses are done in such a way that every beginner, intermediate, and experienced trader can learn the most important trading secrets and the domain’s basic steps. Future students can choose their preferred package which is in accordance with what they wish to achieve in their trading career:

  1. The starter pack (100% free) represents an introduction to the art of trading. Students will learn how to use the MT4 / MT5 trading platform correctly along with the most basic trading skills. They will also find out how to turn theory into practice.
  2. The intermediate pack ($250/one time) will teach students how to develop the aforementioned basic trading skills. They will also learn even more trading techniques, skills, and how to use them for your trading plans.
  3. The advanced pack ($500/one time) is aimed at more experienced individuals who want to change their trading strategies and become more successful than ever.

Trading Rooms

The numerous trading rooms on the official FinAcademy website are free of charge and trading experts are the only ones who run them. There are no imposters or fake live sessions either! This is very important and will provide every student with the unbelievable opportunity to watch these masters at work in real-time and learn some valuable tricks. You only need to pick a room and enjoy a plethora of free live trading sessions on cryptocurrencies, stock CFDs, currency pairs, and commodities. This is a truly unique experience that you must take part in at least once, especially as a student of FinAcademy.

Moreover, FinAcademy also wants to announce that every student will be offered a large collection of trading-centered e-books to read anytime and anywhere, completely free of charge. A highly-useful weekly market outlook can be sent to you every Monday morning if you simply provide the academy with your contact details.

Trading Signals and Webinars

The trading signals that FinAcademy offers to its students come in handy for those who have struggled with unsuccessful trading strategies. Every user can receive these signals through SMS alerts or the academy’s public Telegram channel, displayed on the website. The whole process is very simple and will help students a lot.

The trading webinars from FinAcademy are all 100% free of charge and only meant for educational purposes. Developing your trading skills and always being up-to-date is crucial in case you want to have a trading career. You can access all the upcoming webinars on the official FinAcademy website right now.

Why you should pick FinAcademy

Any person who sparks an interest in the trading industry should choose FinAcademy simply because hundreds of now-successful traders have already touched success thanks to this team. The academy wishes to present each one of you with their educational services and resources. The hope here is to help students create their own trading stories. Mixing knowledge with practice takes a lot of time and effort and it’s probably the most important thing in any domain, not only in trading. FinAcademy should be your number one choice if you want to see the trading industry clearer than ever. This is not only an extremely interesting domain but also one that’s not that difficult to enjoy after all, especially if you end up having serious gains and avoiding losses as much as possible.

By Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo Martinez has been active in the financial markets for around 10 years. In the early days in his career he was a trader and worked as market analyst in different online brokers advising clients on key decisions of trading instruments in foreign exchange and commodity markets. Ricardo is currently working as independent trader with diversified portfolio over different markets. His writing for LearnMarketonline is part of his commitment to share knowledge with traders.