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Royal Noble Group is an online trading broker with a global presence that provides CFD-focused trading and cryptocurrency services on worldwide marketplaces. This brokerage firm is able to supply professional and dependable trading technology and resources to various regions of the world. The team is using evolving technologies to deliver cutting-edge information to their clientele.

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Royal Noble Group values integrity, truthfulness, delivery and, in essence, brings consumers to the top of their list. They do this by delivering the highest trading quality while making everything seem very easy. The broker recognizes that the happiness of their customers is an enhancement of their own achievements. Also, that they constantly invest money in innovation and specialized personnel. The purpose for this is so they can produce targeted and high-quality interactions.

This safe and professional online broker has made every effort to help traders locate opportunities. It also wants to help them utilize advanced financial tools to make profitable and dependable trading selections. In this review, we will be presenting all aspects of Royal Noble Group so you can see for yourself why this is one of the best online trading brokers out there.

The Royal Noble Group trading platforms

Royal Noble Group takes its job very seriously. Because of this, it has strived to offer three different trading platforms to its clients. The first one is the classic web-based trading platform. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to monitor their trading and investing accounts from anywhere on earth without the need for any downloads.

Clients will simply need an internet connection and a computer to begin trading. Furthermore, this platform supports a broad number of languages and is accessible to traders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The second trading platform is the Sirix Online Trader. It was built on the foundation of innovative web technology that simplifies everything with only a few clicks. This online trader eliminates the need to download and configure any software. It also allows you to access the market from anywhere and at any time.

Most importantly, it assembles all of the tools required for effective and reliable trading in an easy-to-use format. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, and no installation is required. VPN and proxy connections are also available on the Royal Noble Group’s Sirix Online Trader.

Last but not least, we have the Royal Noble Group mobile trading app. It enables everyone to access their accounts using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This trading app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Anyone can download it for free from any app store. Its design is user-friendly, clean, and fast. It also includes everything that a standard web trader should have, right at the tip of your fingers.

The Royal Noble Group account types

All possible future clients should know that Royal Noble Group offers six distinct sorts of accounts. Anyone can choose from them once they have created a profile on the website. Regardless of your level of experience, you may open a Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, or Algo Fund account.

It’s worth noting that the minimum required deposit amount on every account is EUR 250. This sum gradually grows as the accounts become more sophisticated. You are in the Basic Account as long as your deposit does not exceed EUR 2,500. Once this value is met, you will be placed in the Silver account, and so on. For example, in order to take benefit of everything that the VIP account has to offer, you must first deposit at least EUR 150,000.

Algo Fund
Up to $2499
€150,000 +
Euro 10,000 +
Commissions (Crypto) 5%
Commissions (Crypto) 4%
Commissions (Crypto) 3%
Commissions (Crypto) 2,5%
Commissions (Crypto) 1,5%
Commissions (Crypto) 3%
Swap 24Hrs (Crypto) 1,5%
Swap 24Hrs (Crypto) 1%
Swap 24Hrs (Crypto) 1%
Swap 24Hrs (Crypto) 0,85%
Swap 24Hrs (Crypto) 0,65%
Swap 24Hrs (Crypto) 1%
Leverage (Crypto) 1:1-1:2
Leverage (Crypto) 1:3-1:5
Leverage (Crypto) 1:5-1:10
Leverage (Crypto) 1:10-1:20
Leverage (Crypto) 1:1-1:2
Leverage (Crypto) 1:8-1:16
Minimum Spread (in pips, Forex )2,4
Minimum Spread (in pips, Forex ) 2,1
Minimum Spread (in pips, Forex ) 1,8
Minimum Spread (in pips, Forex) 0,6
Minimum Spread (in pips, Forex) 2,2
Minimum Spread (in pips, Forex) 1,8
Leverage (Forex) 1:50
Leverage (Forex) 1:100
Leverage (Forex) 1:100
Leverage (Forex) 1:000
Leverage (Forex) 1:100
Leverage (Forex) 1:200
Robots - NO
Robots - NO
Robots - NO
Robots - YES
Robots - YES
Robots - YES

Safety on Royal Noble Group

Royal Noble Group has in effect an integrated risk control strategy. This is tailored to limit the risks of an unsuccessful transaction resulting in a total collapse or a negative account balance. They only allow money to be withdrawn using the same method of payment that was used to fund the trading account in the first place. They provide SSL-protected Personal Portal login to secure the trader’s password’s security.

This broker places a high value on trading safely. This is why they inform all traders that the customer funds are held in separate bank accounts in some of Europe’s top-tier banks. Client accounts are distinct from the broker’s money. The broker segregates the money to ensure that the clients’ information is not used for any other purpose and that their capital is always protected.

About their deposits and withdrawals

You can make a deposit on Royal Noble Group with your credit/debit card (VISA or MasterCard), bank transfer, or digital wallet. It is vital to know that the broker will not take any anonymous or third-party payments. They adhere to strict standards when it comes to their client’s funds. Furthermore, you will not be allowed to begin trading until your chosen account is activated. You must first make the appropriate deposit in order for it to become active.

There will also be certain verifications that the broker will do. All clients will be asked to provide color copies of certain documents. These can include the front and the back of your credit card. You will also need to identify yourself and confirm your address.

Withdrawals on Royal Noble Group are made by completing a withdrawal application on the broker’s website. It is also worth noting that any withdrawals will be processed in the same manner as the deposits. Typically, it takes around seven working days to properly complete the request. After this time, your funds should be available in your account or digital wallet.

Royal Noble Group feedback

If we are to talk about the many reviews that Royal Noble Group has, it must be noted that you can find most of them on TrustPilot. Besides that, there are numerous positive reviews posted on a professional and serious review website. With just a few minutes of research, you will find out just how happy the clients of Royal Noble Group have been.

Most people praise their dedicated support team, attention to details, a multitude of assets, safety of funds, etc. Besides that, you may notice that there are many fake negative reviews meant to destabilize this broker. These can be easily noticed as they tend to be repetitive and written incorrectly. Do not trust them and do your research only from reputable websites and honest testimonies.

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Royal Noble Group Review – – Summary

All in all, Royal Noble Group definitely deserves your full attention, especially if you’re looking for a professional and trustworthy online trading broker. It offers everything that a new or experienced trader could wish for in a manner that is not pushy or difficult. To sum it all up, we definitely recommend taking a look at Royal Noble Group. You may find your new favorite online trading broker.

Royal Noble Group


Easy to use











  • More than 600 available assets
  • Trading Robots Available
  • Variable Types of Spreads


  • KYC necessary

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